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Posted on 12-12-2016

7 Healthy Tips to Make it Through the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be healthy! During the holidays, it’s easy to forget your healthy living habits, but we’re here to provide tips to help you throughout the holiday season.

1.     Be careful while shopping.  With so much shopping to be done and packages being received, be mindful of how you lift heavy objects during the holiday season.

  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs and not your back to prevent back pain.
  • When lifting, hold objects close to your body while maintaining a slight arch in your lower back.
  • We know you’re super busy, but try to take the extra time to put items in your vehicle carefully to avoid any injuries and also try to avoid carrying too many bags at one time.
  • Also, if you are in the stores for long periods of time, keep a slight bent knee to avoid back strains and back spasms.

2.     Don’t forget the proper way to use the phone.

  • Although your hands may be tied with a dozen gifts and there are numerous family calls buzzing through your phone, try to avoid holding the phone with your shoulder to prevent neck pain.
  • An easy way to free your hands from holding the phone is to either talk on speakerphone or use headphones.
  • Also remember to keep your elbows tucked to your side and phone at eye level while texting to prevent neck pain!

3.     Wrap presents on a table. A big common mistake that many people make during the Christmas season is wrapping presents on the floor. This can strain your neck and back. An easier way to wrap gifts is to use a table, counter, or bed to avoid spinal injuries.

4.     Sleep is essential during the holidays! Family members to visit, Christmas gifts to be bought, food to prepare, and not to mention your daily routine of caring for yourself, your house, and your family! We get it. The holiday season is busy and hectic and there’s not much time for sleep. However, sleep is critical during this season to avoid stress, weight gain, sickness, and moodiness, so make sure to get enough sleep each night.

5.     Traveling doesn’t have to be so bad. If you’re traveling to visit family for the holidays, we have ways to help you minimize your neck and lower back pain! We’ve all been in that situation where our lower back begins to nag us while driving for many hours and we can’t seem to find a comfortable position.

  •  The first thing to do before taking off is to adjust your seat. Try to keep your seat in a neutral upright position to keep your spine aligned as much as possible and to keep good posture.
  • If you’re up against a longer ride, try to stop every 1.5 hours for a stretch break.
  • Bring your personal pillows from home and ear plugs to help you fall asleep more comfortably without noise!
  • Remember if you sleep on your back, keep the pillows underneath your knees or if you are a side sleeper, keep a pillow between your knees to minimize back pain.

6.     Indulge without overindulging. The holidays are filled with great food and awesome desserts, but there are ways to avoid over doing it.

  • If attending a holiday party, eat a light, healthy snack before leaving the house. This will help keep you from overeating while you’re there!
  • Another way to avoid the holiday calories is by substituting ingredients for healthier options. For example, instead of whole milk, try using skim milk, coconut milk, or 2% milk.
  • There are many ways to stick to your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your favorite holiday dishes. The biggest key is to watch your portions! It’s okay to sample everything, but just in moderation.

7.     Enjoy your family and be fit while doing it!

  •  Although holidays are traditionally spent surrounding meals, remember to include friends and family in your health regimen.
  • After a delicious meal, consider taking a group walk around your neighborhood or engaging in a friendly board game or dance competition!

Most importantly, enjoy this time of year with your loved ones! Have a great holiday season, from all of us at Provance Chiropractic Sports & Wellness.

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